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Graton Resort & Casino Hotels Review

You can always enjoy the finer quality of accommodation offered by one of the finest resort and casino hotels in Graton, Texas at the best price. The Graton Resort & Casino Hotels are situated at the core of downtown Graton, Texas, right in the heart of the Dallas area. The central area has all been designed especially for visitors that love to have a lot of fun while staying in a relaxing and luxurious hotel.

Guests can step into the hotel at the north end of the lobby and walk directly into the casino. There is an enormous banquet hall that seats about 2021 guests and a pool that have slides for both kids and adults. Another exceptional part of the hotel accommodations is the 24-hour front desk that is always ready to answer guest’s questions. All rooms in this hotel offer excellent views of the river and the landscape of the city of Dallas. The hotel accommodations provide a wide selection of rooms available ranging from single and double occupancy rooms, family rooms, and economical room options that are suited for families and groups traveling together as well as individuals.

The hotel offers many exciting options for gambling enjoyment such as poker and blackjack games on the slots machines and video poker machines as well as roulette and craps games in the casino bar. The other popular casino games at this hotel include craps, baccarat, roulette, craps, slot machines, cards, and more. These games are available throughout the day and guests are welcome to come back for more after they have gambled their way through the night. There are also video gaming machines located within the hotel that offers guests the opportunity to play their favorite electronic games right in their room.

Another great way to enjoy some good casino action at the Graton Resort and Casino hotels is to take advantage of their wide range of live entertainment events. Graton is host to numerous live casino events each year where top entertainers come to showcase their talents. Guests can find a show featuring the best of local and national music bands as well as contemporary dancers, musicians, magicians and hypnotists. The casino has also become known as an educational center due to the many performances that are available daily. Several workshops and seminars are also offered each day as well as tours of the property and its history and architecture.

Guests staying at the Graton Resort & Casino hotels can also choose to dine at one of their many restaurants. There are many dining options ranging from family-oriented buffets and fine dining to kid-friendly delights and fast food. Graton offers high quality service and the highest standards of decorum. This hotel has won many awards for its distinguished service and hospitality.

While traveling to and from the resort, all types of vehicles are available to accommodate guests. Taxis and shuttles are available to access the airport, while other hotel shuttles make it easy to get around town. Transportation around the resort can be either provided by the hotel or taken care of in advance with a shuttle. Finding a room at this amazing hotel is something guests will remember for a lifetime!