The graton casino hotel is in the city of Costa Rica. Here you can enjoy the hospitality of the local people with its friendly people and fine accommodations. The hotel, situated in La Libertad, is a beautiful piece of landscape. Its guests will get to feel like they are sitting on a tropical beach, with salt-water pools and beaches.

This hotel offers a perfect combination of everything you need for your vacation. It is very conveniently located in Costa Rica, very close to the famous towns and gardens. You will not have a hard time finding the hotel, even if you do not know the area you wish to stay. In this hotel you will find serenity, while enjoying the relaxation spa services. From these places you can enjoy a romantic vacation and try to make memories of your vacation.

The location of the hotel is a nice site for guests who would like to spend their vacations at the beach or swimming pool. Because of its nearness to the garden areas, the hotel can offer the most enjoyable way of enjoying your holiday, by doing activities in the garden. You can just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the hotel, while trying to find a beautiful view from outside.

The hotel also offers an exceptional service for guests. Your expectations will be satisfied, when you make your reservations in the hotel. The staff members of the hotel are very helpful and will give you all the information about the great services the hotel has. All the information about the different types of treatments, which are offered in the spa, as well as the luxury service packages are available in the web.

In other cities, these treatments are offered at a much higher price but here, the prices are not really high, because it is available in the casino that is near the hotel. Also, the same services can be obtained in the private spa at other hotels. The casino hotel rates are very low, because of the low cost of entertainment facilities.

The high cost of entertainment might be another reason why the people choose to stay in the casino hotel. The good thing about this hotel is that the visitors will not be disturbed by loud music, which can disturb the visitors in other hotels. The noise of other sounds, like the noise from the games played, is only lessened, when the guests in the hotel stay in the casino.

The graton casino hotel has a wide variety of choices for the tourists. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from the many rooms, which are available in this hotel. In all the rooms, the most important feature is that all the rooms are very comfortable.

The best thing about these rooms is that all the amenities are given great attention. The beds are comfortable, so that the guests will never feel sleepy. Also, the guestroom offers a cable TV with lots of channels for you to watch the TV, when you feel like sleeping.