The Graton Resort & casino hotel are exploring the possibility of double the number of rooms in its hotel next to Rohnert Park in Sonoma County. In November, it announced plans to increase the number of hotel rooms by adding two new hotel rooms on the top floor of its building located near the corner of Park and Graton avenues. Hotel officials declined to provide a cost estimate for the planned addition, citing a need to conduct a full remodel before they can move forward with construction. They also did not provide information on when or if they expect to have the project completed by the end of this year.

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The Graton Resort & casino hotel, located in Sonoma, California, is opening a new hotel complex just north of Rohnert Park. The hotel was founded in 2020 by the Sonoma Indian Tribal Government and is one of the original five hotels that the Tribe opened when they formed the Hotel Sonoma Indians. When it opened its first hotel, in a small storefront, it quickly became one of the most popular accommodations in the Sonoma region. A second building was added in 2020 and in May, the hotel announced a plan to expand the facilities at the existing hotel and add an additional five guest rooms as well as a second restaurant, which will cater to guests who come to the hotel.

A few blocks from the hotel, the Graton Resort & casino hotel will be adding two new guest rooms on the top floor of its building in Rohnert Park. Construction on the two new guest rooms is expected to begin in about a year and is expected to take up to a year before they are ready to open. One of the new guest rooms will feature an all-inclusive package with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sports activities on the second floor. The other new guest room will be available with all of the amenities, but with a more casual dining experience. Both guest rooms should be ready by the end of the year and hotel officials anticipate that they will both open in time for Christmas.

Although the addition of guest rooms on the top floor of the hotel is not expected to dramatically change the number of guests that arrive at the hotel, some guests may find that they are unable to find a room nearby because the hotel is already booked during peak seasons. Another potential problem for hotel guests who are already staying at the hotel is that the hotel is located near many businesses that offer a quick commute to the other side of Sonoma County.

In addition to expanding the number of rooms in the hotel, the Sonoma City Council approved funding for another phase of construction of the Graton Resort& Casino hotel in June 2020. This phase of development involves the addition of two parking structures and one underground parking lot to accommodate all of the vehicles that use the area. The second phase of the development includes the addition of a second floor of hotel rooms and a third level of banquet areas. Construction on the two parking structures should be finished in late 2020, but construction on the third parking structure should be finished in early 2020, according to the Sonoma City Council.

The Graton Resort& Casino Hotel has been rated an “A” grade for its customer service and was awarded the highest grade of any hotel in the city of Sonoma. Hotel staff members were recently honored as the Best Customer Service Award from the Sonoma Business Journal for “best hospitality and customer service” at the Sonoma Business Association’s 2020 Sonoma Tourism Awards Ceremony. According to the Sonoma Business Journal, in addition to being the only Sonoma casino to receive this honor, the Graton Resort& Casino Hotel is also the only one that is part of the Sonoma Resort& Casino Group to have earned a “C” grade from the American Society of Hotel and Motel Managers.