graton resort and casino hotel

Luxury Resorts in Aruba

If you are looking for an exclusive resort with activities for both men and women, the Graton Resort and Casino Hotel are just what you need. Located on the Caribbean island of Aruba, this resort is comprised of two hotels: a heritage-style hotel with sweeping, balconied rooms and ocean views and a modern, high-rise hotel. Both are available for rental. The difference between the two is that the heritage hotel is more upscale while the modern hotel is just as charming and offers much more entertainment for its guests.

The Graton resort has a very interesting history. In 1974, during the economic boom in the Caribbean, a few wealthy investors decided to purchase some land and construct a hotel there. They named the resort Graton after the Spanish word for “fat” and renovated the property with the intention of having it stand as a landmark for years to come. By the time they had finally finished construction, the hotel had become a classic resort, filled with pride and grandeur. Today, the property is owned by Douglas Elliman.

With one of the most interesting stories, rooms in the historic hotel are the perfect way to relax and enjoy your stay. They range from simple, rustic cabins to fully-furnished ones that offer only a hint of luxury. A two-bedroom room is about three thousand dollars. Higher-end suites will cost you nearly five times that. Therefore, while staying at the Graton resort and casino hotel might be expensive, the accommodations are definitely worth it.

There are activities for the whole family at the Graton resort and casino hotel. That includes golf, tennis, and fishing, so if you don’t have a passion for the water, then consider it an opportunity to relax and enjoy the island. There are also some of the best restaurants on the island to pamper yourself with a well-deserved vacation.

After a day or two of fun in the sun, get out into the water and take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool at the Graton resort and casino hotel. It is one of the largest pools in Aruba, and it is located right next to the resort’s main beach. It is also decked out with activities for those who prefer to hang out rather than just watching the rest of the world go by. For those who enjoy swimming underwater, the pool is sealed off and equipped with two diving tanks, allowing all beachgoers to go snorkeling, scuba diving, or just to simply take a dip and get some sun on their body.

The Graton resort and casino hotel also offer a great array of dining options for both adults and children. Every table, from the antique to the first-come, first-served tables, is available for rent. Kids will surely find something they like at every location. There are casual places for the kids to hang out, lounges for older kids to enjoy drinks and snacks, and places where the kids can eat while their parents talk on the phone and/or have dinner.

Some of the modern amenities are a spa and a Jacuzzi. There is a casino for gambling and a casino bar with all the amenities needed for the VIP players. You can even book rooms for last-minute holidays. When the sun goes down, the casino remains open until dawn, and with the space of the hotel for a rental, you can go to the casino and get another round of drinks before heading home.

For people who love a bit of something for nothing, there is also the Graton’s many restaurants. They serve as fine dining venues that serve international cuisine, which makes eating a lot easier and a lot less expensive. It also helps that the Graton is located at the base of the mountains, making it easy to get to for those who enjoy mountain climbing.