The Graton Resort and Casino Hotel is located in Victorville, California. This gambling establishment has four different rooms each with their own view of the action outside and inside the casino. There are two high-rise hotels on the property and one mid-rise tower. The one that I am from stays in the Graton Resort and Casino Hotel. It’s a great location; it is just a little bit outside of town.

graton resort and casino hotel

In my opinion, the hotel is nice and spacious, and there are several amenities including a fitness center and pool. The only issue I had while staying at the hotel was the lack of customer service. There were no employees to take care of me when I had an issue, or if I wanted something I would have to ask for assistance. This hotel isn’t necessarily for everyone because of the lack of services, but if you like to gamble a lot and like your business kept in operation, then you will love this casino resort. Of course, if you’re just looking for a place to go for a few days with friends, then the Graton is perfect for that.

The main attraction of the resort is its two casinos. The slots are very popular, but the roulette wheel is also very fun to play. For those people who like to play blackjack and poker, the slots can provide you with hours of entertainment. If you enjoy playing video poker, the blackjack table will give you hours of enjoyment as well.

Another attraction of the hotel is the nightclubs. The club Live Nation is one of the best in the country, and is very popular. One of the clubs is supposed to open during the winter, and is included in the nightly bills for your stay.

The food at the Graton Resort and Casino Hotel is excellent as well. There are over five hundred restaurants on the premises, and they cater to all types of tastes and budgets. There is something available for just about everybody. Graton even has an eating house that is open twenty-four hours. It can be a little expensive to go out to eat at night, but you definitely won’t be short on choice.

The resort also has some great shopping experiences. There are two full sized shopping centers on the site, as well as over one hundred and fifty individual stores. You can buy anything from antique jewelry to clothing. There are also many gift shops on the site that will make any gift that you purchase unique. Graton’s greatest claim to fame is the fact that they are the only casino hotel in the entire world that features a one hundred and one thousand square foot indoor pool. When it comes to relaxation, this is it.