Graton Casino and Resort is located in Benziger, Louisiana. The hotel is open to all visitors 24 hours a day. Guests are allowed to bring their own cars, but there are still plenty of shuttles to take visitors from the airport and different points of interest in town. The hotel offers excellent views of the town and the lake and has several restaurants serving different types of cuisine. All rooms have cable television with some of it coming free.

graton casino and resort

The priority at this casino lies with the guests themselves. They are offered numerous free gifts by the hotel. These include priority seating at the bars, priority entry into all casino gaming areas, priority boarding and dining, priority entrance to all Club Lounge areas and first priority for all casino tournaments. In addition to the free gifts, the hotels offer a variety of amenities that guests can use. These include oversized LCD televisions, personal shower facilities, health clubs, workout rooms, meeting spaces and more. There’s also a casino bus for guests who want to make it to the casino easily.

In addition to all of these, the hotel provides a huge satellite television programming package and a digital audio system. All of the guest rooms feature flat panel televisions with a surround sound system. All of the rooms feature high speed internet access. Digital televisions have U.S. based calling plans, so guests can call anywhere in the world for the same low rates they would if they stayed at home. The casino offers a variety of high speed internet options including DSL, cable and satellite.

Each room at the Graton Casino and Resort has an on-site restaurant with four different restaurants to choose from. Each restaurant offers a choice of three of the best quality buffets that include favorites like the Cedar Garden Chicken Bistro Buffet, the Golden Corral Grill and the Tastefully Simple Fish Dinner Buffet. All of the restaurants are decorated to perfection and have large clear windows for the impressive view of the Strip. Guests have the opportunity to mingle with other guests as they eat dinner. All tables are furnished with beverage holders and each table is equipped with cocktail shakers.

The casino boasts nine unique rooms, two of which are involved in the live entertainment program, The Graton Comedy Club. The other two guests rooms, featuring the Looney Tunes Club, feature their own in-house show. There is a spa and fitness center. Both of these facilities are available to all guests, but the looney toons are only available during specific times. Both of these facilities are fully equipped with steam rooms. There is also a full service salon that provides all of the services needed for one’s special day.

If one would like to bring their children along to enjoy the resort, there are plenty of things for them to do. There are two pools and two children’s play areas. There are two full-service spas that offer massages, manicures, pedicures and electrolysis. The Graton Casino and Resort invite all of its guests to have fun and relax at any time during the year. To make your trip to Las Vegas a truly memorable experience, make sure to check out the incredible attractions that this amazing resort has to offer.